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The four Gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have just finished recording the earthly life of Jesus, ending with His resurrection and promise to send the Holy Spirit. In His 33 years on earth, Jesus had been born under the Old Covenant, lived His life under it, did His miracles through it, died under it, and in His death, fulfilled it. The Book of Acts begins with the details of the unveiling of the New Covenant in place. And in the second chapter of Acts, the full power of the new and better covenant opens up a whole new world of the Christian faith, whose witness will begin in Jerusalem and spread throughout the earth. As you read this book of the Bible, remember you will be reading about ordinary people like you who are now INDWELT by the Holy Spirit Who has come in the limitless, invisible form of Jesus Christ Himself to do His mighty acts in and through them. He forms them into the Body of Christ, the Church alive in the world. Study the Book of Acts to see the Holy Spirit acting through many different types of men and women, now born again, who actually began doing for the first time the, greater works, Jesus said we who believe in Him would do (John 14:12). You will be astounded, humbled, and sometimes intimidated, wondering if the Spirit can work in you today as He did in these first Christians. But as you read all 28 chapters of Acts you will, I believe, know you too can be Spirit-filled and do the greater works of our Savior. So study and become excited that the Holy Spirit Who worked in the Christians of the first century is alive in Christians today, making us covenant men and women, to testify of our NOW Christ and all His saving, healing, keeping, and delivering power!